NUS French Double Degree Program


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The French–NUS Double Degree Programme (FDDP) with the French Grandes Écoles provides the opportunities to learn from the best of both worlds, exposure to foreign cultures, networking with Singaporeans and foreigners, and proficiency in a third language. Each year up to 30 of our best students will be exposed to the best of the French education system in Engineering and Science - the “Grandes Écoles”.

The selection process is based on academic merit and on the motivation and maturity of the students to thrive in France. They will spend the first two years in NUS, then leave for their “Grande École” in France for two more years, before returning to NUS to complete their Master’s degree at NUS. Students will be conferred the Bachelor of Engineering degree with an appropriate class of honours after completing the first two years of undergraduate study in NUS and another two years of study in France. The Master of Engineering degree and the prestigious Diplôme d’Ingénieur will be conferred after completion of the graduate studies in NUS.

The Grandes Écoles will also award up to 10 scholarships to students selected for this programme for thier two years in France.

Application for admissions into FDDP normally begins in Semester 2 of Year 1. We will inform all invited students when the applications are opened.