NUS French Double Degree Program


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Technical Preparation




  • Special Mathematics and Physics classes from second semester onwards (80 hours)


  • Special Mathematics and Physics classes (180 hours)


The Grandes Ecoles are the top French engineering schools which provide higher education and quality research in engineering science. A common feature of all Grandes Ecoles is the strong emphasis on Mathematics and Physics curricula in the first year which is equivalent to the honours level in NUS. It is thus advisable to complete the following physics and mathematics modules at NUS before going to the Grandes Ecoles: PC2130, MA2101, MA2108, and MA3110.
Students will also have to go for the Mathematics and Physics classes held every Saturday from 9-5pm during the regular semester starting from their second semester in NUS. Tutorials will also be arranged during weekdays’ evenings.

Important Points to note

  • 12 MCs each will be given for Mathematics and Physics classes respectively at the point of completion of your preparatory lessons, at the end of year 2 sem 2
  • These preparatory classes will be graded and will be awarded CS/CU
  • Assessment details will be given by your instructor
  • Attendance is mandatory
  • Only upon successful passing will students be able to continue on to the GE schools for Year 3

If you have been selected for the programme, you will be notified through email on the actual schedule of these classes.